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Hey there everyone!

It's the first time I post here and I thought it was a good opportunity to talk about the next mini collection we are releasing. Suicide circle (自殺サークル Jisatsu Sākuru) is a great film by one of my favorite film directors Sion Sono, who is claimed to be Japan’s most transgressive director.

To make this manga Sono asked Usamaru Furuya to write a different story to the film's plot and ended up with something easier to understand than the film but with the same enigmatic and dark taste, Manga version features a group of schoolgirls jumping out from the edge of the subway station to meet a terrible ending hypnotized by a mysterious circle tattooed on their lobes and many mysterious suicides as well.

Suicide is not something we support and we feel very sorry about the people that couldn't make it and decided to put an end to their lives, that's not what this film and manga talk about, but you should read it to find out yourselves.

Here theres a video with the first part of the manga, enjoy!

Now I want to show you the pieces we created based on this manga, they will be available for preorder and will be limited.


You can preorder jacket or tshirt, preorder offers free shipping worldwide.

Let me know your opinion, hit the comment box, about this manga and film.

See you next time with more recommendations and stuff!



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