How many skirts do you need to keep someone warm? Parka

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Every winter, schoolgirls deal with super cold temperatures due to school normatives that won't let them wear tights under their skirts.
They want you to wear a skirt, but we don't want you to feel cold.

We all know that the skirt is not the problem here. Let's solve it.

This kind of skirts used to be worn by High Schoolers, sadly a new uniform trend came in just a blink and were not “in fashion” in the world of uniforms. People stopped buying them and remained in the past for a while. 

In our eagerness to not only have fun but also complain...Please, enjoy the past that becomes present and will build the future, in your hands.

This piece is also part of a concept inspired by the Japanese technique “Kintsugi”.

Enjoy the golden details inside the jacket.

100% polyester.

Inner lining water resistant.

Double side zipper.

Invisible side pockets.






34"-36" //  87- 91 cm
36"-38" //  93- 97 cm
38"-40" // 99-103 cm
41"-43" // 105-109 cm
43"-45" // 111-115 cm



 46"- 48" // 117-121 cm